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Important information regarding CPCS Renewal Test delivery from 1 December 2019

CITB has formally agreed the sale of the CPCS card scheme to NOCN Job Cards (part of NOCN Group) and from midnight on 1 November 2019; they were no longer in a position to take bookings for CPCS Renewal tests post 30 November 2019.

From 1 December 2019, CITB will no longer administer the test or provide customer service for this test. All management and ownership of the test will sit with NOCN.

If candidates wish to sit a CPCS Renewal test before 30 November; they will need to book a CITB CPCS Renewal test.

From 18 November 2019, you will be able to book CPCS Renewal tests to take place on or after 2 December online www.pearsonvue.com/nocn* or by telephone 0161 855 7455*, with all tests being available to be undertaken from 2 December.

*these services will not be active until 18 November.

Any tests already booked to take place between now and 30 November, will remain as is, with no changes.

The CPCS Renewal Test, will continue to be provided by PearsonVue on behalf of NOCN.

See FAQs for further related questions and answers.

The latest CPCS information will be available on the NOCN Jobcards website: www.nocnjobcards.org/cpcs